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• 2016-12-03 • Goodbye beautiful
A cold and sad day in October our hearts was broken.

We had to say goodbye to our belowed Foogy Boogy after very short illness.

Foogy was a very special girl and everybody loved her so much.

Foogy have been a perfect dog she never failed she didn't make any mistakes and she did even the birth of 10 puppies in 7 hours all by her self.

Her last one and a half year she lived with Henriette who gave her the most amazing life. Everythins was shared with Foogy food, bed and the sofa.
We can't thank you enough Henriette to give Foogy the best last time.

R.I.P Beautiful Foogy Boogy de L'Etang de Mirloup

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• 2013-04-21 • Not even one week

Foogy Boogy is one biiiig girl now. The birth will be in the end of NeXT week. Can't wait until the arrival of these babies.

Day 57

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• 2013-04-11 • Counting down

14 days left to the birth of Foogy Boogy's babies.  She is already very big but she is doing well. Our veterinary is making a scan of the babies every week to follow the Development of the puppies and they are doing great.

Next week we will prepare the birthroom and make it nice for Foogy. We have a separate Apartment for the birth then the mother get completely quitely for her and her babies.

We have some vacation combined the birth and look forward to bring hours with the newborn.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in af puppy after Foogy Boogy.

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