In loving memory
In loving memory

Kennelname: Algojo's Bulk
Nick name: Bronko
Birth: 11 september 2004
Breeder:  Maj-Britt Emretsson (SE)
Owner: Merete Tækker & Klaus Kruckow
HD/AA: E / 1
SAS (hjertescan): 2,0 m/s 
Weight:  55 kg

Bronko got peace on 23 June 2010. Bronko has always had some bad legs and went through surgery when he was 18 months old in his elbows. He has not suffered from his E hips, his problem has always been at the elbows, although he only had a status 1 The last time was bronko become so rigid in his foreleg, and even with full dose of painkillers, he was totally stiff legged and he was also limping al the time.

It was a really hard decision to give Bronko peace, he was a very special boy to us.

R.I.P our beloved Bongermand, you will always have a very special place in our , and when we look in the sky we will see the biggest shining star and then we know it is you who have an eye on us.

                                                                       See pictures of Bronko 

Kennelname: Shadow of Oak Achilleus
Nick name: Amos
Birth: 21. august 2007
Breeder: Merete Tækker & Klaus Kruckow
Owner: Merete Tækker & Klaus Kruckow
SAS (heartscan): 1,9 m/s
Weight: 68 kg ( 12 months)

Amos died of a stomach turning, and was not to save. When we arrived at the animal hospital the organs in the body was starting to set out, and the hard decision to give him peace was taken when we got the message that he suffered very much and that he would be very difficult to save.

R.I.P our beloved Amos, you was an amazing boy with the most gentle temper.

See pictures of Amos here galleri

Tobit was our first acquaintance with the Dogue de Bordeaux. We had decided that we wanted a dog, and we searched for long as we wanted the race that was just right for us. We did not know the Dogue de Bordeaux by then. At work, I saw a picture of a 5-months-old Dogue, and I showed it to Klaus when I returned home. His first words when he saw the picture were “That’s the one we’re getting.” We went out and saw him along with his mother and two siblings. We spent a few hours in the company of the four dogs, and we had our minds set when we left Charlotte, the dogs’ owner.

There was one thing we went home and considered, though: Tobit suffered from a heart disease, we were told so from the start, so we knew what we went in to. You couldn’t tell Tobit was ill by looking at him, he was as happy and full of energy as his siblings.

Even though it was a big decision, we had decided before long: Tobit was going to be part of our family, and we picked him up a few days later.

It didn’t take long to realize that this was just the dog for us. He possessed a permanent spot in our hearts before long. And not only in our hearts, but our families’ as well. Tobit vacated at his human grandparents’, and they spoiled him greatly. Jesper, Klaus’ son, couldn’t resist the great puppy either, but he had a harder time charming Jeanette :o). “It’s a male dog, it pees non-stop!” she said on the phone when we called and told the news. She’d always been used to bitches, but after getting to know him she quickly surrendered. She moved back home at one point, and even shared a bed with him – but only for a few days, then Tobit had to return to his basket, as he attempted to conquer the whole bed. Tobit was greatly loved, and it hit hard when his heart stopped and he collapsed in our driveway the first of October 2006 , only 10 months old. He passed away quickly and as a happy dog, and he didn’t experience the sorrow and despair around him that afternoon.

He was always so happy, and he always made the most irresistible facial expression when he wanted to achieve something.

Tobit, you were unique, and you’ll always be in our hearts.

Pictures of Tobit
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