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• 2011-06-20 • Copenhagen Winner 2011
The last show in Denmark went fantastic for us.

Bull Di Al faree was BOB and his daughter Shadow of Oak Ciluca Tén Tén became BOS
Both became Copenhagen Winner 2011.

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• 2011-06-16 • Show and puppies
Long time no see.

The Danish Clubmatch was a great succes.
We entered 4 dogs.

Foogy Boogy became no 3 on Saturdays show and no 2 on Sunday in the Baby Class.
Ciluca became no 2 Saturday and no 3 Sunday in the Junior Class
Bull won the Champion Class both days.
Dezmir got excellent both days but no placement.

Yesterday we had Fendi scanned and we are expecting puppies after her and Bull. A black black combination we looking so much forward to.

In the weekend we will go to a show in Denmark. We will bring Ciluca, Dezmir and Bull.

Merete with Ciluca

Jannie with Dezmir - Thanks to Jannie for taking so good care of our baby

Merete with Bull

Merete with Foogy

Katrine with Viola (Shadow of Oak Batida Coco)

Katrine with Cloey ( Shadow of Oak Cloey Tén Tén)


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• 2011-05-20 • No babies

We are not expecting any puppies in May. Our girl was empty. We will of course try again in 5-6 months.

This week we are planning to breed our black mask girl Fendi. It is her first time and we hope she make beautiful puppies as her sisters in Germany do. Fendi is a stong female, very low to the ground and very typical. She has a fantastic temper. We are really looking forward to breed her.

This weekend we are going to a show in Sweden with Bull, Ciluca and Dezmir.

Today we went to the beach with the dogs and have had a fantastic day. The dog really enjoyed the day.

We have updated Bidules gallery. See them her

Some pictures of the day on the beach





Ciluca's first time in the water - uuuuuhh it's cold


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