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• 2010-09-02 • Rotterdam and Dutch Clubmatch
Last weekend we went to the Nederlands to show some of our young males and to have some fantastic hours with all the Bordeaux friends. We have had an amazing weekend. Both in the show ring but also outside the ring:o)

In Rotterdam we showed Shadow of Oak Boris in the Junior class and he became 4th best junior male.

On Sunday we went to the Dutch Clubmatch with Boris and his brother Bailey. It was a nice day, even if the weather not was that good.

Shadow of Oak Boris EX
Shadow of Oak Bailey EX JK4

We are very proud of Bailey it was only his second show at all.

Shadow of Oak Bailey

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• 2010-08-22 • Update on C-litter
Today 3 girls left home. Cloey, Cali and Chalida. All for fantastic homes here in Denmark.

The C-litter is 8 weeks today and it is some big beautiful babies.
The weight on the puppies at 8 weeks is:

Cloey:               9.7 kg
Cali:                  9,3 kg
Chalida:             8,3 kg
Ciluca:               6,8 kg
Coco Chanel:      8,7 kg
Cassandra:         8,6 kg
Custer:               7,9 kg

We have made som profilepictures of the babies, see them in their gallery or here

Enjoy also the pictures from todays dinner.

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• 2010-08-01 • This week's weight

All puppies are doing so fine and they are starting to get out now. We have introduced the puppies to all our other dogs and all dogs can walk around together.

Sara's puppies are now 4 weeks and ther weight is:

Dezmir:             2703g
Douglas:            3650g
Dio:                   3500g

Athenes puppies who are 5 weeks today weight:

Ciluca:             3900g
Coco Chanel:    4100g
Chalida:           3300g
Cloey:              3400g
Cassandra:       4500g
Custer:             3500g
Cali:                 3500g

See new pictures of the babies here


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